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Community Building
Community Memorial Building
The Town of China Grove Community Building is a Town-owned facility for public use. It is the intention of the Town of China Grove to continue to provide a local, cost effective location for citizens of the Town of China Grove and surrounding counties to use for family functions and social gatherings.

The use of the Community Building is on a first come, first serve basis. The building is not reserved until deposit is paid.

**ATTENTION ALL RENTERS: Those who have reserved the Community Building must pick up the key to the building no later than 5:00 on THURSDAY the week of your rental. We are closed on Fridays.**

Deposit and Rental Fees

 Deposit  $200.00
 Rental Fees
 $175.00 (Must live inside City Limits)
   $375.00 (Outside City Limits)
   $575.00 (For-Profit Activities and Groups)
   $125.00 (Civic Groups and Churches)

To ensure that the Town provides a place that is clean and functional to each renter on a daily basis, we require that the following rules be followed:

All persons interested in reserving the Community Building must come to Town Hall to complete the rental agreement and pay the $200 deposit. All persons wishing to reserve the building must show proper identification and residential status. The person reserving the building is held responsible for all damages and fees associated with cleanup and repairs. Third-party rentals are NOT allowed. Any civic group or church wishing to reserve the building must provide the deposit payment through the organizations financial institution. All persons wishing to reserve the Community Building must be twenty-one years of age.


  1. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages and/or deadly weapons are allowed on the premises. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Violation of this rule is cause for the deposit to be immediately forfeited, and further use of the Community building will be denied.
  2. Weekday rentals (including Fridays) are available from 2:00 pm until 11:00 pm. Weekend rentals are available from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. All activities shall be terminated by 11:00 pm. due to the residential location of the community building. If a set-up or break-down period is needed for the event beyond the hours listed above, another rental fee will be required to reserve another day of rent.
  3. All cleaning and rental equipment must be removed by 11:00 pm. NO LATER and NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. The kitchen may only be used as a place to put food and items, no appliances should be turned on. Appliances may NOT be brought into the building and used. Cooking and/or grilling may only take place outside if necessary.
  5. Electrical outlets are not equipped to handle a large amount of musical or kitchen equipment. Please keep this in mind when using outlets for musical purposes.
  6. Sand is NOT allowed inside the community building. If sand is found on the floors or tables, or in the sinks, your deposit will NOT be refunded. Absolutely no exceptions.
  7. Please make sensible use of the paper towels, toilet paper and other provided items.
  8. Music must be kept at a minimal volume level appropriate for a residential area.
  9. Chairs, tables and all other items must be put back like they were originally.
  10. The thermostat shall NOT be tampered with.
  11. Turn off all lights and fans before leaving.
  12. Lock all doors.


  1. Flush toilets, collect any loose trash and empty trash cans.
  2. Be sure that the trash cans have liners in them before placing garbage in the cans. All trash cans need to be emptied and cleaned when activities are concluded. Place all garbage (particularly food), in the outside dumpster, located at the back of the building. Make sure the trash cans are empty and clean for the next party to use.
  3. Remove all personal items: decorations, rental equipment and food, etc. before 11pm on the day of your rental.

*All damages including but not limited to: broken windows, doors or fixtures, tables or chairs, damaged floors, etc. will result in forfeiture of $200 deposit.

Conditions of Use and Refund

If the Community Building rental rules are not followed, rights to reserve the building for future uses are forfeited and deposit will NOT be refunded. After the building has been checked by the Town of China Grove, the key has been returned and the rental agreement signed, the deposit will be returned by check in the mail.

After the building has been checked by the Town of China Grove, the key has been returned and the rental form signed, the deposit will be returned by check in the mail.

Cancellations must be made thirty (30) days prior to reservation date to receive a full refund.

The Town reserves the right to use the building as an emergency shelter as needed.

The Town also reserves the right to deny usage of the Community Building to any party for any reason.

Town of China Grove • 333 N. Main Street • China Grove, NC 28023 • Ph: 704.857.2466 • Fx: 704.855.1855
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